School for Church Renewal

Rebuilding Church Leaders, Congregations and Kingdom Influence


Join our School for Church Renewal and experience an innovative Franciscan curriculum that will change the way you lead change.


Whether you are a pastor, priest, ordinand, chaplain, member of a religious community, lay leader in your community or workplace, you are invited to immerse yourself for three retreats in the Franciscan Way. Whilst there are many theories out there about what to do to lead renewal, or revitalisation for parishes, we specialise in how to discern these decisions and step them out.


We offer a pedagogy for change leadership, drawn from Jesus' instructions to the early Apostles, as lived and developed by the early Franciscans. It's fun and it works. 





You can jump into any of our three annual retreats. To

graduate from the School and qualify as a facilitator, you

must complete all three retreats as units:

Winter Retreat, 13-14 August 2022

Summer Retreat, 25-27 November 2022

Autumn Retreat, 16-18 March 2023