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The Francis Project and Creativity

Rebuilding is creating.

Why is creativity such a big part of the Francis Project? Francis was called to rebuild Christ’s Church and he did so brick by brick. Each brick he laid was a creative act, every piazza teaching was dramatic and full of life. So, if we’re reaching out to rebuild, to heal and to grow - that requires a practice of creativity. Today, more than ever, we live in an analytical world and we tend to leave the creative to the ‘Creatives’. It’s a muscle that many of us have forgotten we have! Why aren’t we all creative? Particularly in leadership. How can one lead into new waters without bringing new thinking, new vision to being?

So much of this Franciscan community is looking back to go forward, making something new from something old. It’s looking, listening, learning and growing together and creativity is at the heart of all this. In creativity we let go of everything, make something new, or remake something old. In a practice of creativity, we can connect to the Creator, engaging with Him in His realm, we can step out of analysis and into a new way of being; a place where new problems can be solved and new stories can be told.

By Dan Avard,

Missionary and Creative Team

16 January 2022

Photos by Dan Avard, Lissen.Co

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