School for Change Leadership

Rebuilding Mindsets, Systems and Cultures

Franciscan pedagogy is for any educator or change leader who is asking, “How?” Many leaders today sit within organisations in need of cultural and systemic change, where the data and expert advice as to what changes are needed are relatively clear, but how to cultivate appropriate responses is less so. Perhaps the issues are complex and perhaps change will be costly.


We believe that lasting systemic change is achieved at three levels, which Francis of Assisi moved across with fluidity and integration. These levels are individual (personal attitudes have to change); structural (institutional processes, laws and norms need to change); and cultural (invisible values and ideas that shape societies need to shift).


At the individual level, the Franciscan movement first and foremost serviced the dignity and healing of individual lives, especially amongst the poor and marginalised. At the structural level, Francis changed the medieval Church by embedding within it a rapidly growing community that changed the way leading and teaching was done; and at the cultural level his community destabilised the embedded classism within the feudal system


The secret to his integrated approach of engaging all three levels was a pedagogy, and this is accessible and repeatable for people of all faiths in none; or anyone with a heart for change leadership.


If you are interested in engaging this process for your organisation, you can book us to present to your staff or engage us in developing an In-House School onsite.


We are also working on creating an intensive program for world leaders.

Watch this space!