In-House Schools

We can provide trained facilitators to host an In-House School within your organisation, by leading quarterly sessions with interested members of your team. This involves inviting people within your staff or team to commit to four sessions across the course of the year, where they can freely, creatively and confidentially work on their craft and how they are leading change.


We can host quarterly sessions around your schedule, but otherwise recommend an evening time after work hours, onsite, that includes a yummy dinner. We don’t charge fees, but do invite you to make a donation to our organisation. We recommend $700 per session in the first year. We can also train and equip staff within your organisation to become facilitators. 


Quarterly gatherings enable you to build a community of practice within your organisation, who have the freedom to workshop challenges, roadblocks and possibilities within their profession, without being required to report on outcomes, make decisions or ‘report-up’. If managers within the organisation are participating, we group participants in a way that gives them the confidentiality and anonymity they need to work honestly and freely, whilst collaboratively.


Our In-House School events are structured around three elements that constitute Franciscan pedagogy, which means participants practice the same principles they will learn about at each gathering. We do three things:


We Attend and Respond


Sessions begin with some social time over afternoon tea, before the group moves into a period of individual reflection, followed by listening. The practice begins with attending to the experience of the people in the room, and those they lead and serve. We then respond to that experience by identifying key questions that the group would like to answer and strategically respond to.


We Meet, Retreat and Critique


Evening sessions are designed to be a place of rest and retreat from the usual pressures of the work environment, with space to share in mealtimes and workshops as a ‘family’. The routine of re-grouping four times a year, perhaps over many years, forms part of the magic. The group is committed to journeying together, in a low-commitment forum, but not without commitment. As part of the groupwork and input sessions, the group will have the opportunity to identify key areas that they would like to understand better, or improve in their practice, and develop strategies to achieve lasting change.


We Curate and Perform


The final stage of the group process involves developing artefacts and artworks in response to their learnings. These take many forms and the group will have an online forum to share ideas and resources with each other throughout the year. We teach students how to curate fresh modes of storytelling, truth-telling, lament, changed mindsets and transformative narratives. We favour beauty, humility and poverty of spirit as a stance, rather than seeking to impose pre-formulated frameworks.