church renewal takes many forms:-


Re-energising mission in schools;

Re-engaging lost generations in a life of faith;

Rebuilding numerical and financial growth for smaller congregations;

Recreating trust in leadership where it has been lost;

Retelling forgotten stories across denominational divides;

Re-establishing lost theological foundations;

Reigniting personal encounters with God’s Spirit;

Re-founding religious communities.  


We understand 'Church renewal' to mean the art of rebuilding ancient ruins. These 'ancient' ruins' are the range of gifts given to the Body of Christ which have become forgotten, lost, neglected or wounded. The ruins we see today may include:

Loss of passion for evangelisation;

Loss of theological or biblical truth;

Loss of trust in leadership;

Loss of intimacy with the Holy Spirit;

Loss of favour with society;

Loss of voice or credibility;

Loss of resources (financial and human);

Loss of leaders and vocations;

Loss of energy and creativity;

Loss of story and legacy;

Loss of desire for the Sacraments or corporate worship; and

Loss of unity and relationship, resulting in a loss of our heritage and inheritance within the family of Christ.

We believe there is a growing hunger across the Body of Christ for a rich and deep approach to Church growth and evangelisation that reaches into and heals the past. To meet this need we host an annual school for emerging and experienced leaders, as well as offering staff retreats and online resources.

I can't think of any other context where I've had the chance to form a real, living, breathing, loving community with people from different 'camps' within the Church. It totally changes how you engage in discussions and it's rare to have the opportunity to embody what you're learning in such a tangible way.

Kirsten Wade

Missionary, Theology Student, Singer and Songwriter